Christ the King Lutheran Church

Worship service for Sunday May 17, 2020.

Presiding Minister: Rev. Thomas Schutz
Organ: Kathryn Brodin | Cantor: Eric Thies
Video and Production: Tom Wackerfuss

Easter Verse:

Alleluia.   Jesus said to them, "Come and have breakfast."
None of the deciples dared ask him, "Who are you?"
They knew it was the Lord.   Alleluia!

GOD BLESS YOU, High School Seniors!
The class of 2020 from Christ the King.

  • Elisabeth Allendorfer, Barrington
  • Nicholas Brodin, Barrington
  • Emily Campe, Palatine
  • Emma Juffernbruch, Barrington
  • Henry Juffernbruch, Barrington
  • Sophia Stanke, Prospect Heights